Open source GC viewer

Posted by on December 7, 2007
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One of the key aspects of tuning a java based web application is optimizing garbage collection. One tool that I have found that makes tuning GC easier is the open source tool GCViewer. This tool is very handy whether you are using a J2EE container like Tomcat, Weblogic or Websphere, or a standalone java application.

GCViewer simply parses the output file from the jvm’s “verbose GC” option, and displays it in graphical format. You don’t have to attach to the JVM, or add classes to the class path like other options for seeing GC patterns. GCViewer provides some handy statistics about time spent in GC, throughput, etc. It can also export the data to .csv format, which is nice for correlating the GC pattern with system metrics like CPU utilization or end user response times from load generator tools.



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